Gina Fiamma

Welcome to my school page.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding:

     o  School Enrollment / ESOL Enrollment
     o  Student Referrals for Private/Public School
     o  Budget Items
     o  School Checking Accounting
     o  Questions related to Legal Documents on file with us
     o  Transportation, Mrs. Harris 443-809-1726
     o  Lunch Program, Mrs. Taylor, 443-809-4772
     o  Health Suite, Mrs. Jacobs 443-809-1533
     o  School Guidance, Mrs. Lancione 443-809-4774
     o  Non-resident Tuition Fees for FY 2020
     o  Student Schedules at Fifth District ES    
     o  Safety Information
o  Volunteering with Fifth District ES

Gina Fiamma
Administrative Secretary
FAX: 443-809-4771